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Stone paper Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification(CM)

he stone paper series (S-Eco, S-Eco (C2S), S-Board, S-Board (C2S), S-Thermo, S-Thermo (F), S-Film (angel), S-Film (C1SA), S-Film (C2SA), S-Film (C2S), R-Eco, R-Eco (C2S), R-Film, R-Film (C2S), R-Board, R-Board (C2S), R-Thermo, R-Thermo (F), S-Film (angel) with recycled content, S-Film (C1SA) with recycled content, S-Film (C2SA) with recycled content) of Taiwan Lung Meng Technology Co. Ltd. received the Cradle to Cradle silver certification(CM). When the RPN series received Cradle to Cradle certification(CM) for the first time in summer 2011, the stonepaper became the first Taiwanese product to receive a Cradle to Cradle(CM) certification. Stone powder (calcium carbonate) is used instead of wood pulp in manufacturing this paper. The stone paper product is water resistant, wear-resistant, and easy to fold. 


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